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Costa Rica
Junior Blue Warrior Club

Project Overview:

This really cool project takes place at the Costa Rica Marine Education and Conservation Center. They have created a school on the ocean and call it Junior Blue Warriors. Basically, they are on a mission to teach children everything about the ocean and turn them into little ocean heroes who will rise up to protect it.

When kids join the club, they're in for a wild ride. They can participate in all kinds of workshops and activities that dive into the depths of the ocean world. Imagine them discovering the mysteries of underwater life, discovering underwater fauna and flora and having fun while doing it. It's more than learning in a class, it's more about exploring and having fun.

But here's the kicker: these workshops aren't just about having a good time. It's about getting kids to care about the ocean and why we should take care of it. They get the inside scoop on why marine life is super important and how we can be the good guys who make sure our oceans stay amazing. When these young ocean explorers graduate from the Junior Blue Warriors, they won't just be ocean fans - they'll be the ones leading the charge to protect our oceans and keep them thriving for us and the next group of adventurers.


The future of the ocean is uncertain, due to the numerous challenges the planet is facing. There is a great lack of knowledge about the ocean, the wonders that inhabit it and threats that endanger it in the new generations, so it is necessary that today's children fall in love with the ocean as soon as possible since they will be responsible for protecting it in the future. Providing ocean education on a regular, evolving and adapted learning in such a young age, will create a basis of ocean knowledge and a desire of protection on these kids that will last for a long time. Through different classes, workshops, clean ups and boat outings they ensure that children learn while having fun, which is the best way to retain knowledge.

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