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Deep Sea Exploration

Project Baseline. Fiji - May 14 - 27, 2017

In collaboration with the University of South Pacific and Professor Chuck Messing Nova south-Eastern University in FL, USA, we focused on deep sea exploration at the Kavadua Astro reef in Fiji. We collected coral samples and documented coral health while also collecting data. We had a plethora of rebreather divers onboard, as well as recreational divers, and with the help of "Moby" our onboard submersible, we were able to cover a depth range from 0 to 600 meters. It was a truly awe-inspiring experience and the data collected will be invaluable for future research.


Maine Lobster Survey. Maine, USA - July 29 - 2 Aug, 2019

AdVantage was proud to be part of a deep sea exploration project in collaboration with Maine University, led by Professor Bob Steneck and his students. The project aimed to collect data on lobster density and sizes in the deeper waters of Maine beyond scuba diving depths (30m-120m) around Monhegan Island. Through this exploration, Professor Steneck and his students were able to see the effects of global warming and compare their findings to previous research done in the area. AdVantage provided the vessel used for this project, allowing the students to explore the depths of Maine with ease.

Image by Alyona Bogomolova

Deep Sea Sharks. Bimini, The Bahamas - Oct 30 - 6 Nov, 2019 & July 27 - 2 Aug, 2021.

Our past submarine exploration with sharks has been incredibly fruitful. We have been working together with the Bimini Shark Lab to monitor the habitat use of sharks at deeper depths, as little research had been done in this area before. On our first trip, we recorded the first sighting of a scalloped hammerhead in the Bimini area. On our second trip with the BBFSF, we recorded two more sightings of scalloped hammerheads, as well as sightings of several other species that had previously gone unseen in the area. We look forward to continuing our exploration and research into the depths of the oceans and all the life that exists there.

scalloped hammerhead (c) chelle blais

Little Bahama Bank. Grand Bahama, The Bahamas - July 18 - 26, 2021

In collaboration with Professor Chuck Messing of Nova South-Eastern University, FL USA, and colleagues Professor Sandra Brooke, Florida State University, and Professor John Reid, Florida State University we explored the deep sea using Moby, the submersible to collect data on deep sea coral and crinoids north of Grand Bahamas. We also investigated the sea floor data from geographical surveys. Moby was capable of navigating strong currents, diving in the Gulf Stream to depths of 600m. 

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